Mrs Musoke

Mrs Musoke is a married woman, a seventh Day Adventist by faith. She has 7 biological children, stays with 2 other children who are orphans plus an elderly grandmother.

She says through baskets, she has been able to buy food at home, pay school fees for children partly.  The money helps her pay back the borrowed loan; she got friends and improved on her interpersonal skills.

She and the husband have been able to build a semi standard house; her husband is a brick layer

Challenges: Materials sometimes is hard to get, weather changes can also affect the work – the rainy reason.

Her future plan is to train more women in basket weaving, help more needy people and start a basket shop, To see her children attain a higher education standard.


Mrs Nabawakuna Sylvia

Sylvia is a single mother; she stays with her biological children who she looks after, at a time of our visit her 2 children were not at home, she had a visiting sister’s daughter.  She has weaved baskets since 1998.

She has found many difficulties especially in raising children since her husband died way back but with the grace of God, Grace has been able to pay school fees through weaving baskets and digging, she says she has been able to save money in village savings scheme, she hires people to lay her bricks and has helped her to run her family needs. All her children are in school and the eldest son is a nursery teacher.

She has been able to build rentals through basket weaving.

Challenges:  It’s hard to find materials some times

She plans to do poultry farming in case gets support 

Mrs Nabisubi  Janat 

Mrs Nabisubi  Janat is a married woman from a Muslim faith, she lives with her 9 biological children, 3 grandchildren and her husband . The other children were not at home her elder daughter got married at a tender age.

Her husband is a road cleaner and family has low incomes and low standard of living. She has weaved baskets for 10yrs. She has been able to support her family needs and got a plot of land through basket making however she has not developed her plot of land and hopes to get money to build a house in that plot to have a spacious house .

Challenges: Sometimes she needs to do work but no material.

Her plan is to see all her children go to better schools and to build a bigger house for children

The family lives in a poor looking house and needs are more that their income.